Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary

While you’re staying in our Hotel Riviera Plaza Calgary, enjoy the atmosphere of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant near Us! We love our veggies, and we bet you do, too. More and more of us are eschewing meat for a variety of reasons, be they ethical, environmental, health-related, or simply because modern vegetarian cooking just tastes so darn good. Even those of us who still like a good ribeye steak once in a while are embracing our brussels sprouts and roasted cauliflower. And why not, when there are so many places preparing vegetables so deliciously?

SaVeg Cafe

Opened by YouTuber, a small family-owned 100% vegan restaurant in the heart of Calgary!  They recognized people need more healthy, plant-based meals that are fast, delicious, and affordable. Combining the knowledge of traditional Korean cuisine and vegan cooking.

The Coup/ The Ethical Vegetarian

The coup is an ethical vegetarian restaurant with an intimate atmosphere. They serve fresh organic foods and drinks in the heart of downtown. Definitely one of the favourites vegetarian restaurants in Calgary! 

Hearts Choices Vegan Thai Cafe

This is also one of the best places in Calgary. They offer Thai Vegan food as well as vegan groceries. This place is great to sit down for a quick bite or even just for some takeouts. They also have an amazing selection of vegan groceries including mock meats, coconut bacon, chocolate and mozzarella croissants, cupcakes, and more!

Planet Organic Market

There’s a variety of tasty, wholesome foods to choose from including roasted vegetable salads, vegan dessert, and other delicious surprises you won’t find in your regular deli.

Original Joes

You probably didn’t expect this one, did you? Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that they even have a separate vegan/ vegetarian menu1 Some options include a quinoa mushroom burger ( contains cheese) and hen bun has egg, hummus, and chips, lettuce wrap and they even have soy chicken!

Buddha's Veggie

Buddha’s Veggie Restaurant serves both vegetarian and meat dishes. It has daily specials like dim sum or the lunch special which changes every day. Guests can sit in booths or tables in a casual atmosphere decorated with bamboo. The restaurant has two kitchens for vegetarian and meat dishes.

Open Sesame

This is a great place for vegans/ vegetarians as they have the option of a customizable stir- fry dish. You can add tofu, or leave it as a veggie stirfry. The base of the can be either jasmine rice, coconut rice, brown rice, mushroom fried rice, shanghai wheat noodles, rice noodles.. After choosing your protein and base you head on over to the stir- fry bar and pick your vegetables and sauces.

Broken City

Now, this is definitely Calgary’s vegan hidden gem. They have so many options for vegetarians and vegans including cauliflower wings with 9 different flavours to choose from. They also have vegan chilli, chickpea fries, a grilled veggie salad with the option to add tofu, a falafel wrap, a vegan burger, and a vegan breakfast bowl with hash browns.